Shavano's Ghanima Marula

Marula…what to say about this charming little girl:o) Once you get to know her, you can’t stop loving her great personality, every dog has their own personality but Marula has a big one:o) Marula lived with us for two years, but in november 2005 it was decided that Marula should move to our neighbours, Irene, Trond, Morten and Tim, she is now co-owned with Irene Sørensen. Two of Marula’s biggest hero’s in the world are Irene and the son in the house, Morten, so I know that she could’nt have a better home. Marula was mentality tested when she was 16 monts old with a very good result, she shows great deal of curiousity and she easily overcomes fearful events on the mentalitiy test.  Visit Marula’s own homepage here. Marula will have a litter some time during 2006.

HD: A (free)
ED: 0/0 (free)
MH-tested, gun shot proof.
MH resultat
Gallery 1: Marula 6 months old (updated 7/12-03)
Gallery 2: mixed pictures
Marula has been awarded champion quality several times.

Marula 22 months old:



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